Office Remodel: When is it Time to Remodel Your Office?

Are you ready for an office remodel? The cost and upheaval during renovation may be holding you back, but in many instances, the cost of the remodel and a few weeks of inconvenience are worth it. If you are struggling to decide if an office remodel is something you should do, read some of the signs that it is time for an office remodel.

Dated Office Space

If your office space looks dated, it is time to remodel your office. For example, if you have wood paneling and a purple faux leather sofa, you need to get out of the 1970’s. Your employees will thank you. The cost of the update is worth your employees’ happiness. When your employees are happy with their surroundings, they will be less likely to be looking for other employment opportunities. The cost savings you will incur by not continuously having to hire, train, and educate new staff is worth the cost of the updates.

Inefficient Office Space

Does your current office space discourage collaboration? Individual offices are not as beneficial as people once believed. If your business is dependent on frequent collaborative conversations, it may be time to knock down walls and bring your employees closer together. Additionally, if your office space is inefficient for your employees’ work tasks, then an office remodel could increase productivity. For instance, if the printers and copiers are on the other side of the building, you may have an inefficient workstation.

Energy Draining Office Space

When an office casts excessive money because of an outdated heating and cooling system, making an upgrade to your system will save you cash in the long run. How do you know this is a problem? If your heating and cooling bills are sky high and your employees depend on personal heaters and fans to survive, then your office is energy inefficient. There are numerous other steps you can take during an office remodel to improve your energy efficiencies such as adding insulation and weatherizing windows and doors.

Unattractive to Customers

You are hurting your bottom line if your office is unattractive to customers. Without upgrades to improve the overall look and feel of your office space, you will continue to lose customers. A remodeled office will convey a professional image that shows you care about your business image.

InterWork for Office Remodel

If you are wondering if it is the time to remodel your office, it is probably past time to make some changes. There are several benefits to an office remodel. Those benefits include better staff and customer satisfaction, improved efficiency, energy savings, and a  professional image. If you need expert advice to guide you through the process of planning an office remodel, contact us at the InterWork. We are an experienced office remodeling expert. Contact us today.