Office Furniture Installation

Office Furniture Installation Services

At InterWork, our project managers are highly-skilled at implementing office furniture installations for any sized company. Our professional furniture installers offer stress-free office furniture installation services. Part of our expertise is understanding spatial planning  and having a skilled team of installers to execute that plan. Our project management professionals are dedicated to providing first-class results, ensuring a smooth transition into your new office space and the installation of your new or used office furniture.

At InterWork, we take pride in being able to provide you with the results you deserve.


Need Help Installing Furniture in Your Office?

InterWork Office Solutions is an industry leader in the office furniture installation field. Our furniture installation and project management services will coordinate the entire process of your office more and/or furniture installation. If you need to relocate your business, reconfigure your workspace,or simply need new or used furniture, InterWork can help minimize any possible delays and ensure a quick and efficient project completion.

With every furniture installation and management, you can expect:

New or Pre-Owned Furniture

Delivery + Installation Scheduling

Coordination with Subscontractors

Site Coordination

Pre-Installation Site Inspection

Electrical + Data Access Point Coordination

Furniture Installation Management

Site Condition Assessment

Delivery + Installation Access Mapping

On-Site Delivery + Installation Supervision

Our emphasis on strong coordination and planning ensures that your installations are all done within your deadline and budget. When results matter, call in the experienced professionals and let InterWork take care of your next office project!

Ready to see what InterWork can do for you?

Whether your company requires reconfiguring furniture, moving equipment, or relocating people, InterWork is the right source to meet your needs.