Frequently Asked Questions About InterWork And Office Logistics

What services does InterWork offer?

InterWork provides the complete suite of services you need for a successful office opening, closing, or redesign.

Decommissioning Process | Sustainable decommissioning of existing office furniture to low-voltage installation/de-installation, employee pack-ups, and landlord walk-throughs to ensure the free-and-clear return of your office space.

Eco-Friendly Services | InterWork’s dedicated commercial office furniture group offers an incomparable selection of new, pre-owned, remanufactured, and reconditioned office furniture that maximizes your budget and minimizes environmental impact.

Experienced Project Management | We expertly fit together all the pieces and ensure your projects are on-time and on-budget. With InterWork, the days of contacting, vetting, and coordinating a small army of contractors for your office move are a thing of the past.

When is the best time to relocate?

The answer is simple: it’s the time that works best for you, not for us. Some clients provide several months’ notice for their next project; others contact us with just a few days to spare. Either way, we’re here to help. 

Our professional office logistics project managers—among the most experienced in the business—will craft an office relocation or redesign plan that reduces downtime for your business. That includes working outside of regular office hours, special coordination for the executive suite, and phased plans that allow your office to stay open during the relocation process.

How much does office relocation cost?

Many factors affect the cost of office relocation, such as the distance of the relocation and the number of workstations. But the most important cost-saving measure is preparation. Partnering with a relocation project management professional at InterWork minimizes the possibility of budget overruns, delays, and other mishaps that sink right to the bottom line.

Truly, we take on projects big and small. Some are as low as a few thousand dollars, while our contracts with some of North America’s biggest brands can be—well, big. We proudly price our services competitively.

How long does an office relocation take?

The schedule for each office relocation varies, but we work hard to protect your time and money with industry-leading project planning and digital asset management tools, and some of the most experienced project managers in the office logistics business. We work fast and according to your needs.

Can InterWork furnish my office?

Of course! InterWork has relationships with all major manufacturers, allowing us to provide a full complement of office furnishings for every need, budget, style, and preference. We can also sustainably source pre-owned furniture, providing you with like-new quality at a fraction of the cost.

Do you offer design services?

Our in-house office space designers will work with you to maximize the use of your space and plan an office that matches your working style and culture, including hoteling/benching and antimicrobial options. We can also work with your preferred designer—the choice is yours.

How quickly can you provide me with an estimate on my office relocation?

We can quote most office relocation projects within 72 business hours of receiving all necessary information (number of workstations, square footage, and the like). If your project is time-sensitive, please contact us at 855-755-WORK (9675) for the fastest assistance.

How do you differ from hiring a local moving company?

InterWork specializes in office relocation and office logistics services that the average moving company does not. That means we are seasoned in all aspects of moving, designing, and furnishing a business, from the professional digital management software we use to our unmatched network of industry providers of office furniture, decor, and finishes.

Unlike many smaller moving companies, our proposal process is comprehensive and precise: this means our quotes are guaranteed not to increase so long as the project scope stays the same. There are no additional charges for tape, hand trucks, crates, or moving blankets. Perhaps most importantly, we are also commercial moving specialists who know how to minimize disruption and maximize the safety and integrity of your assets. To that end, all of our personnel are screened and bonded, and we provide onsite project management to ensure your move happens on time, every time.

I need to decommission an office, but I’m out of state. Can you help?

Yes! InterWork serves the entire U.S. (including Puerto Rico and Hawaii) and most markets in Canada. Our project managers are available via phone, email, and text, and can send updates and reports in real time, allowing you to oversee the process from wherever you are. If you’re moving out, we can also handle the landlord walk-through for you, saving you from possible penalties and holdover fees.

Because we’re established everywhere in North America, you can trust we’re not treading in new waters—even if you are!

How do your integrated move management services save me time and money?

Whether you’re changing offices or redesigning an existing office, you’ll need multiple services to make it happen, from a furniture dealer to commercial movers to low-voltage installers, to designers, to project managers, among other contractors. Selecting, negotiating with, and managing these providers is a hassle, and can lead to time and cost overruns you and your business can’t afford.

One call to InterWork replaces all of those vendors, and our experienced project managers coordinate the work among each discipline so you don’t have to.

What if we’re going virtual and there’s no single physical location we’re moving to?

InterWork was practiced at this long before a pandemic came along! Our moving experts can securely pack employee belongings in individual boxes for pick-up or ship them via FedEx or UPS to individual homes or remote offices.

We can also decommission (sustainably dispose of) any remaining office furniture and equipment or deliver these items to a warehouse or storage unit.

Finally, we’ll make sure you can surrender your office space without penalty by attending a walk-through with the landlord on your behalf, addressing any items that may arise (such as filling nail holes or removing tenant improvements).