Pre-Owned Office Furniture

You’d never guess it’s pre-owned office furniture

The pieces in our vast catalog of affordable, pre-owned office furniture are as functional and beautiful as their brand-new counterparts. Non-profit organizations, businesses in our EcoWork program, or any company planning to renovate an office space can choose from one of the widest selections of pre-owned furniture in the U.S. and Canada.

Early on in our over-30-years in the furniture industry, we recognized the value of never wasting what we acquire. Well-designed, sturdy pieces of furniture don’t deserve to be tossed aside in a landfill and put to no use. What our competitors throw out, we see as an opportunity for renewal.

When you purchase used furniture, you promote environmental sustainability and contribute to the circular economy.

Benefits of Used Office Furniture

Whether you’re starting a new business from the ground up or you’re a Fortune 500 company renovating or relocating your current office space, you have a choice in your purchase of commercial seating.

We understand that office furniture is a huge investment, and new often feels like the safest, most reliable route. However, our wide selection of used office furniture allows you to bring your vision to life while saving a substantial amount of money in the process.

With guaranteed reliability, durability, and aesthetic design, you can get the same value and quality in pre-owned, revived office furniture as you would in a new piece—at a fraction of the cost. What do you have to lose?

100% of the Quality. 50% of the Cost

Immediately save up to 60% when you purchase our gently-used office furniture and commercial seating. InterWork stocks only grade-A, quality used office furniture from popular manufacturers in all kinds of styles, finishes, and fabrics.

Our experienced seating specialists vouch for it: Our selection of gently-used office furniture offers the same style, comfort, and quality as anything new.

We provide gently-used:
Used & Pre-Owned Office Furniture









Office Partitions


Bookcases + Shelves


Filing + Storage Cabinets


Reception Furniture


Conference Room Furniture

InterWork can deliver used furniture to your office in just a few days, allowing you to maximize your renovation budget and meet any deadline. Although our huge selection of used office furniture changes daily, we can guarantee that you will still find the quality, quantity, and the price you’re looking for.

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Eco-Friendly Office Furniture

Most business owners are not aware of how used office furniture can be better for the environment. According to a study done by EPA, about 3 million tons of office furniture are sent to landfills each year.

By purchasing used furniture, your company not only saves money, but shows its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, unnecessary waste, and contributing to a circular economy. To add to that, it can earn your company LEED points toward certification because the purchase of used office furniture is counted as waste management, alongside resource reuse and recycling.

Update an Office

If your office space seems outdated and tired, consider revamping your space with gently-used office furniture. With different colors, styles, finishes and fabrics, your unique vision can come to life in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

A healthy workspace makes for a healthy workflow, and with a modern and inspiring office design, you’ll notice just how much a comfortable office can improve productivity and morale.

Refurbished Office Furniture

At InterWork, all of our used office furniture has been refurbished and professionally cleaned. Most of it has only been used for a few years or even less with unnoticeable, minimal wear and tear. Regardless of the used furniture’s time “on the line”, our extensive cleaning and refurbishing process ensures that you, your employees, and clients will never notice a difference.

Used Office Furniture Collection

Purchasing used office furniture doesn’t mean you lose quality, design, or function. Here at InterWork, our office furniture professionals only stock gently-used, quality office furniture. With our used office furniture, you still get the same opportunity to choose from different styles, colors, and fabrics as you would with new office furniture.

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