Move Management Services For Corporate Relocations

Professional Office Moving and Relocation Services

InterWork is a state-of-the-art office moving company offering professional office move management and relocation services. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the move runs smoothly by easing their stress and coordinating all the moving elements. The process of moving an office is more than just moving items from one location to another. It is essential to hire professional office moving and relocating services that will ensure minimal disruption during the move, as well as efficient packing, processing, and technical support.

InterWork’s office moving team is comprised of only the best and most experienced professionals. We take all necessary measures to minimize the impact of the move on your business, which is why we have coordinators and project managers within our office moving division. We offer comprehensive, flexible office moving services to ensure a smooth transition.

Doing as Much (or Little) as You Need


Relocation Timeline, Milestone, Phase & Schedule Planning
Scope Identification & Documentation
Detailed Move & Special Equipment Plans
Resource Planning &
Building Management Coordination
Vendor & Subcontractor Management

Open-Issue Reporting, Follow-Up & Coordination

Preparing for the move process

Working alongside you, we’ll produce a move plan that reduces downtime and preserves employee productivity. We’ll also coordinate with your building management to obtain all necessary clearances and permits for your move. 

Everything you need for a smooth corporate move

Create moving blankets, tape—anything you need for your corporate relocation is included at no additional charge in InterWork’s move management services. 

Corporate relocation with no downtime?!

Your people are experts at what they do, and we’re experts at helping them do it with the least possible distraction. At your preference, our relocation professionals can pack employees’ belongings, detach monitor arms—even clean out the breakroom!

We also offer after-hours and weekend scheduling options for your move, offering you maximum flexibility and minimum interruption.

Moving day planning and execution

Did the sales department forget to pack up their desks? Is the CEO unexpectedly in the office for a mission-critical meeting? Relax, we’ve got this! Your experienced relocation professional will work through all the details on your behalf, looping you in every step of the way.


in lost productivity

The average office move costs companies an average of 15-20 days in lost employee productivityalmost $900,000 in time that can never be recovered! Unless you move with InterWork.

Our expert project managers and relocation professionals work with you to craft a plan that reduces employee distractions and downtime while carrying out a smooth and efficient office move.

Liquidate your existing office furniture

Most of our clients update their office furniture to match their new space. But what do you do with your existing furniture? We offer many sustainable options designed to keep your assets out of the landfill, including liquidation, coordination of donations to charitable partners, and recycling. 

Settling into your new space

As part of your corporate relocation, we’ll install your office furniture (new, pre-owned, or reconditioned), unpack your assets, and deploy everything to its proper spot, right down to nameplates and placards. Our relocation professionals can also run power and internet connections to desks, steam-clean office chairs, and paint the walls.

The corporate move process doesn’t get easier than that.

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