Does your business have small office spaces? How about your entire operation? Is your square footage space limited for the number of employees that you employee? If you plan correctly, you can equip a small office space and leave it feeling comfortable for your staff. What tips are available to help equip a small office space? Check out these ideas.


The first tip to equip a small office space is to take advantage of the natural lighting your office space already has. Windows maximize how that light flows through the main office area. Productivity has been shown to increase when natural light is available. In addition, you need to ensure that the lighting for your employees is adequate. Their office space should not be shrouded in shadows. With shadows, what was already small makes for more unusable space.

Mobile Monitors

When equipping your office, you should consider installing your monitors to be moveable. This way, when your staff needs writing or physical project space, the monitor can be moved out of the way. With this added space, your staff will feel like they have more than enough room to operate.

Small Desks

In a small office space, there will not be enough room for a large desk. Not to mention, most everything is in your computer system or in the cloud. You don’t need a supersized desk to take up a bunch of room. Gone are the days of large desks equaling prestige.

Reduce Paperwork

To go along with the smaller desk, you need to stop paper waste. Again, everything is online. If it isn’t, then it should be. In most businesses, there is not a need for a bunch of paper products to be taking up space in filing cabinets. Besides, 95% of the paperwork in your cabinets never gets looked at. You should identify that 5% and store the rest on your computer. Better yet, you should scan that last 5% into your computer!

Vertical Shelving Systems

Another tip to equip a small office space is to hang vertical shelving systems. With vertical shelving systems, you can hang your shelves onto wall studs for extra support. Furthermore, the items that you hang up will take up less square space than if the same items were stored horizontally.

Wall-to-Wall Flooring

Another great idea to make a small space look bigger is using one type of flooring. When you use multiple flooring types or area rugs, the floor space looks smaller. You can try a low pile carpet, tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring. One type of floor space will give the appearance of more space.

Flex Office Space

The last of the tips to equip a small office space is flex office space. You can design your office space to have dual purposes. In addition, you can purchase standup desks or identify breakout spaces for staff to congregate to work on team projects.

In Conclusion

Working with a small office space can be overwhelming. However, there are numerous ideas available to help you maximize your space. If you need expert advice to guide you through the process of equipping a small office space, contact us at the InterWork. We are an experienced office design expert. Contact us today.