In recent years, it’s become commonplace for educators to provide more than just lessons and encouragement: according to the US Department of Education, 94% of teachers pay out-of-pocket for copy paper, Sharpies ­­– even chairs and other classroom furniture.

Here at InterWork, we’re no stranger to understanding the investment required to make spaces functional and friendly. As one of the premier office project providers in North America, we decommission (close out) hundreds of offices per year. And the thousands of office assets carted away, no longer needed by our clients, have plenty of life left to give. That’s why we started our sustainability initiative, EcoWork. Through this program, we divert lightly-used, professional-grade furniture from final disposal and donate these assets to nonprofits and community organizations, with delivery and assembly provided free of charge.

Earlier this year, a prominent insurance provider needed to decommission an office in New Jersey and reached out to our team of experts. Right after we got the call, our EcoWork team swung into action, connecting us with North Star Academy Charter School in Newark.


From beginning to end: InterWork crew members load furniture destined for donation to Newark’s North Star Academy (top), and provide white-glove delivery to the school’s receiving area (bottom).

Serving nearly 5,000 students, North Star’s administration pours every penny of their funding into program costs, leaving little for upgrades to technology and comfort. Thanks to EcoWork, they received more than $10,000 in much-needed supplies, including:

(6) 30” x 17” Tables
(1) 42” x 36” Whiteboard
(34) Computer Monitors
(15) Task Chairs
(6) Boxes Copy Paper
(3) Headsets
(2) Large Shredding Bins

With new computer monitors, chairs, tables, and more, North Star can focus on student safety and academics in an environment that inspires achievement. Plus, our sustainability efforts on this project were responsible for a CO2 offset of 20.188 tons, which is the equivalent of removing 4 cars from the road for an entire year. It doesn’t take a school, charter or otherwise, to know that’s a win-win situation for all involved.

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