The Path to Seamless Workspace Solutions

To our team- office logistics is not just moving office furniture from one office to another. It encompasses navigating the complex office moves, decommissions, or reconfigurations. This is a process that many companies do not have the time or resources to execute.

That is where our team of office logistic experts comes in. Office logistics to our team is the comprehensive management of all the physical and logistical aspects involved in setting up, relocating, and decommissioning an office space. Our project managers provide move management support from start to finish. In a sense, we become an extension of your team to ensure you and your employees have a smooth transition throughout your office project. We will develop solutions to meet deadlines, end-of-lease requirements, and temporary employee workups that result in minimal downtime. Our team handles every aspect of your transition.

How can I make my office move smoothly and hassle-free?
1. One-stop shop:
Why juggle multiple vendors when you can have all your needs met by one?


At Interwork Office Solution each project is assigned to a dedicated Project Manager who provides streamlined communication and coordination that reduce headaches and prevent mistakes.

2. What sets us apart?
Our team of Project Managers possess a unique blend of skills and expertise that enable them to effectively oversee the project to its completion. Each client is assigned a single point of contact throughout the project. They ensure that your specific needs are met. From start to finish, our project managers handle all aspects of your project, reducing employee disruption to your daily operations while executing ours.

3. Will my company have downtime during the project?
We create solutions that foster minimal downtime and create plans to not disrupt employee productivity.

4. Other advantages include:

  • Our extensive footprint across The US and Canada
  • Proven Ability to work with short notice and tight deadlines
  • Client’s gain a trusted partner and continued support on future projects.