Frequent Steps Missed During an Office Relocation

by | Jul 10, 2018

Planning an office relocation can be a stressful time whether you are moving across town or across the country. Things can, and likely will, be forgotten. Having a well thought out project plan helps eliminate leaving out an important step. Put that plan in writing and make sure to share it with all the key players. Sharing the entire procedure with people involved instead of just the portion for which they have responsibility is a great way to increase accountability and teamwork. Perhaps your plan is too big or complicated to share with all the principles. In this case, make a point to communicate your expectations well, so there are no misunderstandings.

Clean up

In many areas of business we “design down,” which means that you focus on the end goal. As a result, you design a plan that will easily and successfully get you there. Office relocation is no different. Think about what the end should look like. For example, you want to turn over your current space efficiently. Likewise, you also want to ensure that your new space is highly operational. Don’t forget the importance of turning over your current space. Locate and delegate any clean-up that is required by the former property manager or owner that need to be addressed. Do this early in the office relocation process so there is a plan for any incidentals that may come up near the end of your move. It is helpful to assign a team member to execute that important step.


During your office relocation, there are so many things to remember. There are also so many ways to achieve your relocation goals. Make sure to draft a written plan detailing who is in charge of notifying people about the new location.

Your communication of the office relocation can include massive, blanket advertising in both digital or print. You may want to create a database of vendors and customers and approach each section differently. Again, a plan in writing makes it much easier to get things accomplished. You don’t want to leave out any essential vendors, such as your office supply store. Doing so may create havoc down the road.


Professional project managers make sure to address each of these elements in the planning of your office relocation. We will sit down to discuss how we can effectively help you meet the goals you set for the move. Clients are encouraged to communicate their fears about what you might miss. Nothing has to be left out if there is a well developed, written plan to execute. Let us sit down with you to make a plan specific to your needs.