When you’re in the middle of an office remodel or office relocation, you must consider your IT needs. If it is not the time to update your equipment, your current equipment is still a concern. When you don’t consider your phone and computer equipment during your office relocation, you will end up with a system that doesn’t work. As a result, you will be left scurrying to catch up. You can’t afford additional downtime during your office relocation.

Office Relocation

What should you consider when preparing for your office relocation? There are several tips to consider having you up and running as soon as your move is complete. Let’s review the top four steps to an effective IT move.

Take Photographs

There are too many cables coming out of your phone and computer to remember where they all go. Just because you remember at the time you unplug the cords doesn’t mean you will remember when it’s time to put them back together. You could get busy, must work on a new project, or even get called away and someone else must re-install your equipment for you. You should avoid the hassle of trying to remember where everything goes and take pictures. When you finally get the time to put everything back together, you will be glad you to pictures.

Back Up

Before preparing to move your IT equipment, you need to remove all media from your devices. For example, you should check your devices for CD’s, DVD’s, games, MP3 players, toner, and ink cartridges. If you have any information on your systems that you can’t replace, you must ensure that all your documents are backed up.


If you are moving an entire office system or numerous staff IT equipment in the move, you need to write down the model and serial numbers of the equipment and the location of where everything will go when the re-installing the equipment. This added work will ensure a smooth office relocation.


If you are using a moving company, you should consider purchasing moving insurance. Additionally, to per-pound insurance, you should also consider replacement coverage. At your new location, you need to unpack your boxes as soon as you get there. You should look for water damage and rough handling issues. If you have any concerns, you need to file a complaint immediately as most movers have time limitations on when you can file a claim.

In Conclusion

When packing and unpacking, you need to pay extra attention to your phone and computer equipment. You want to make sure that you document where items came from and where they are going in your new location. Lastly, when you arrive at your new destination, you need to review your IT equipment as soon as possible to report a claim, if needed.

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