Five Reasons to Buy New Furniture During Your Office Remodel

So, it’s time for an office remodel. You have a lot of decisions to make, and furniture is a top priority. You want all the elements to fit into your desired outcome. Typically, new office furniture gets the maximum use out of all your expenses.  While it may seem cost-effective to reuse what you already have, you might want to consider your other options.  If you look at the big picture, you will understand that purchasing new furniture can actually lower your expenses. Moreover, it also helps to maximize space, increase morale, unify your style, and even decrease office dangers. Let’s look at the five reasons why purchasing new furniture is best for your office remodel. 

1. Expense

An office remodel is an expensive endeavor. However, getting it right the first time is the most cost-efficient way complete it.  Hence, the purchase of new office furniture. It offers quality that lasts for ten or even twenty more years. In connection with the quality of new furniture, you also have the warranty that backs up the quality of your new furniture.  You always want to get the warranty. Many furniture manufacturers offer warranties on their products. This way, if a leg breaks on your new chair, you can have it replaced. You can maximize your office remodel budgets with new furniture installation.

2. Space

One of the most common reasons for an office remodel is a lack of maximized space. If your staff has simply run out of spare room, make sure to use new furniture that allows the freedom of mobility they need.  Alternatively, it could be that your office needs have changed. For example, you may want to transform an area designated for cubicle space into work tables that promote more collaboration. However, it could also be that your space needs to expand to offer client friendly areas. Either way, trying to fit your existing furniture to that need may be like fitting a square peg in a round hole.  Buying new furniture can really increase the spacial use in your office.

3. Style

Often, when companies try to conserve money on an office remodel budget, they end up with a design that lacks unity of style throughout the space. Your office is as much of your brand as your logo. Whether clients enter your space or not, the style of your office communicates a message. Unifying that style with new furniture can really impact the message.

4. Morale

Do you believe that you are only as good as your employees? Then give them a boost. Even if you worked with a company for twenty years, new office furniture can truly make a change. A new chair can make your employees feel more comfortable in the space. Moreover, some employees are more productive with standing desks. The hard-working people that make you money every day deserve an opportunity to feel special, especially if you are disrupting their work with an office remodel.

5. Safety

New furniture can even bring a sense of safety and security to your office. Currently, ergonomics is a big furniture push. A quick Google search could easily reveal this with ample sites telling how people how to increase their productivity and health using simple properties of ergonomics. Additionally, you can address other hazards like sharp edges or power sources by simply installing new furniture. An office remodel in a great time to consider all of those hazards.


An office remodel can stressful. There are so many decisions to make, and all of them can have lasting effects. You have a desired goal, and you want all the elements, including the furniture to fit into that. New furniture is the perfect investment.  At InterWork, we offer a wide range of vendors for new office furniture that can appeal to all o these needs.  Browse through our online information or give us a call today at 800-821-3522. Let us assist you with increasing the productivity of your office with new office furniture.