Biophilia – Bringing Nature into the Office to Reduce Stress  

by | Nov 13, 2018


It’s no secret that more and more people are spending more and more time indoors. It’s also true that more than fifty percent of global citizens live in urban – rather than rural – settings. Interacting with nature and the great outdoors, however, can improve well-being.

Nature’s Soothing Effects

Nature has a calming affect on humans; it draws us in and can help recharge us. Because your employees spend so much time in the office, office designers are taking nature’s effects into consideration and are implementing elements of biophilia, which is the principle that humans are innately drawn to nature and that this connection improves our ability to thrive. Biophilia’s fundamental building blocks of design include emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being which incorporate specific factors of employment:

  • Productivity;
  • Satisfaction or level of happiness;
  • Stress level;
  • Learning; and
  • Well-being.

Some studies suggest that incorporating elements of nature into workspaces can significantly increase productivity and well-being.

Nature by Design

Far from being a design trend, incorporating biophilia-related design elements can fundamentally enhance your employee’s vitality and productivity. Research reveals that incorporating nature into workspace design can promote healthier work environments that better nurture employees. Nature can encourage a peaceful mindset that reduces stress while invigorating creativity.

Building a Better Workspace

For many employees, offices have become dens of drudgery that cut them off from the revitalizing effects of nature. The drab boxlike aesthetic of many workspaces can send the unintended message that employees are toiling in a desert that’s barren of life-sustaining energy and vitality. You can do better. Incorporate biophilia’s design facets in creation of your peaceful office aesthetic:

  • Sensory-rich workspaces that embrace layered colors, patterns, textures, and other earthly elements and that soothe the senses;
  • Natural and varied light sources, accessible views of the outdoors, and airflow that is naturally fresh and that mimics a sense of climate;
  • An environment that encourages movement by including such elements as staircases that beckon rather than repel; and
  • An aesthetic that celebrates local distinctiveness and helps instill grounding in place and community.

Nature guides us; allow a professional office designer to guide your office toward nature’s soothing effects.

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