Newsflash: Workers are stressed out. A significant new study of over 3,000 American employees handily drives this point home. As an employer, it behooves you to do right by your employees’ workplace wellbeing, so that they can, in turn, do right by you regarding productivity.

Signs of Employee Stress

This national study found several significant areas that are causing heightened employee stress:

  • Working on own time to meet job demands;
  • Having too little time to complete workload;
  • Being offered few telecommuting opportunities;
  • Experiencing poor (and even hazardous) working conditions;
  • Experiencing frequent disruptions; and
  • Experiencing disconnect between desired and actual working conditions.

Employers are well advised to pay attention – stress can hamper the kind of creative, fluid thinking that modern productivity thrives on.

Employee-Centered Office Design

When you provide your employees with a thoughtfully designed office space that puts their needs and comfort first, you illustrate that you’re committed to improving their work experience and decreasing their stress. There are several office elements you can incorporate to help improve overall wellbeing at work and beyond.

  • Choice

Allow your employees choice and control when it comes to their workspaces. This includes providing quiet spaces for focus, easily modified spaces for fluid collaborations, and individualized spaces for home base. With increased choice comes improved employee optimism and productivity.

  • Minimized Distractions

Support your employees’ ability to focus by minimizing unnecessary distractions within the range of settings that meet the demands of your workday. Allowing employees to rejuvenate and recharge away from constant distractions can help foster peaceful mindfulness – rather than stress.

  • Authenticity and Belonging

Employees are as unique as fingerprints, and when you allow them the space to authentically express themselves, you encourage a stronger sense of belonging and commitment. Allowing employees to personalize their workspaces and providing inviting gathering spaces that foster employee connections help cement these important humanizing factors.

  • Purpose and Vitality

Creating a vital work environment that reflects your business’s inherent purpose can help provide your employees with the purpose they seek and the choices they need. These can include opportunities to make posture-positive furniture choices and to choose to head out for a walk during break time. Building purpose and vitality into the workplace can help keep your employees in a happier place.

Your Business

Businesses are as unique as the employees who staff them, but encouraging wellbeing in your office doesn’t have to be daunting. Office planning professionals are standing by to help.

You Can Achieve Wellbeing in Your Office, Call InterWork Today for More Information

More and more employees are feeling the stress, and when your employees are stressed, your productivity takes a hit. Allow InterWork to help you reimagine your office with your employees’ wellbeing in mind. At InterWork, we have the knowhow and the massive office furniture inventory to help you help your employees find their Zen. For professional guidance in achieving an office space that inspires wellbeing, give us a call at 800-821-3522 or send us an email through our online contact form today.