5 Things Your Project Manager Will Help You Determine Before Your Furniture Arrives

Updating your office with new office furniture is always an exciting time. After all, you’re helping to create a more efficient, productive, and comfortable workspace for your employees. A professional project manager will not only help you find the office furniture that’s right for you but will also manage the logistics of the install and help your office transformation go as smoothly as possible.

There are five essential elements that your project manager will want to discuss with you regarding the smooth rollout of your new office furniture:


Determining whether your building is union or nonunion is an important first step. If it is union, that will guide who does your install. If it’s not, you’ll have more flexibility regarding who’ll facilitate the installation. The professional project managers at InterWork can help you arrange a seamless install.

Hours of Installation

Some buildings are very lax about when deliveries can be made and when work can be performed, and others adhere to strict schedules (usually before and after working hours). Your project manager will coordinate with your building to arrange convenient scheduling.

Loading Dock

Whether your building has a loading dock and a service elevator (if your office isn’t on the first floor) will play an important role in how your installation proceeds. Some buildings require that you schedule the loading dock and/or service elevator in advance. Refurnishing an office is all about effectively managing the details, and your project manager will ensure that all your details – including unloading schedules – are well coordinated.

Electrical and Data

When you’re installing new office furniture, it’s essential that you carefully consider your electrical and data needs. After all, you want to get your office back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll need to schedule a licensed electrician to hardwire your units and a data technician to run all your cabling. Again, your project manager will ensure that these important elements fall smoothly into place.

Certification of Insurance

Some buildings require that everyone who comes in on the furniture installation have both a certificate of insurance (COI) and identification. This is another critical detail that can easily be overlooked. Your experienced project manager will work with you every step of the way to make sure that all the moving parts of your furniture installation are harmoniously planned and implemented.

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