InterWork Helped Scrub Daddy’s Corporate HQ Clean Up on Sustainability

About the project.

InterWork Office Solutions leads North America in sustainable renovations, redesigns, relocations, and decommissions. Our eco-friendly approach to Scrub Daddy’s office move diverted 17,000 lbs of furniture from landfills.


Industry: Cleaning Products
Number of Employees: 50-100
Square Feet: 80,000+
Headquarters: Pennsauken, NJ

A Sparkling New Headquarters

Since turning out their first smile-faced sponge in 2012, it has been Scrub Daddy’s mission to develop the world’s most fun and innovative cleaning tools. In 2021, when Scrub Daddy’s burgeoning success required new office space, they sought out a partner as sustainable as their newly-designed headquarters. InterWork answered the call by furnishing Scrub Daddy’s corporate campus on time and under budget, diverting 25 tons of CO2 and saving the company 60% over the cost of new furniture.

Growing Shark Tank’s Most Profitable Company

Scrub Daddy’s story starts in 2006 when CEO and founder, Aaron Krause, ran an international manufacturing company; dirty hands were a constant annoyance. On a mission to make cleaning comfortable, he spent the next six years working tirelessly to make his product shelf-ready.

Then in 2012, equipped with a sponge and a smile, Krause secured a deal with retail impresario and “Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner through his appearance on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

The next decade brought new product lines and expanded operations, but Scrub Daddy’s fast-paced growth fragmented their management team and impacted the decision-making cycle.

To keep the company moving forward, Krause needed all his employees under one roof. In 2021, the answer appeared in the form of an 80,000 sq. ft. office space and warehouse in Pennsauken, NJ, just outside of Philadelphia.

With supply chain issues stretching the wait for office furniture from weeks to months, Krause knew he had to get the purchase process underway, even though his facility was far from complete. He also sought a supplier as eco-friendly as his signature product, and so he went searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack: a service-oriented, sustainable furniture supplier that wouldn’t break the bank.


Scrub Daddy’s Search for Innovative Partners

Krause knew his search was over when he discovered InterWork, the experts in project management and office logistics. When Krause reached out to National Account Manager, Darren McCarthy, he took the time to understand his vision, needs, and business constraints. First up was a tour of the space, which was under heavy renovation at the time. “Dirt was coming up through the floor – the entire building was ripped apart stem to stern,” McCarthy reminisced. Still, he saw potential in the space, whose sun-bathed walls called out for furnishings that were contemporary but classic.

McCarthy reached out to his boss, David Steinbrecher, who was overseeing a major decommission of an office in Manhattan with just that style of fixtures. If McCarthy could pull it off, this would be a match made in heaven.


The Opportunities of Expanding Businesses

For businesses big and small, expanding into a new office is a milestone that shapes the next 10+ years of their culture and values. Focused on making a move for the future, Krause wanted their offices centered around sustainability and creativity. Our dedicated design team incorporated this into the renovation plan and after creating a layout in his vision, Krause selected our premium-grade preowned options.

For every project InterWork handles, we do our best to get our clients settled into their new offices and back to work fast – but not every case is the same. When Scrub daddy’s construction contractors were going beyond their projected timeline, we secured their furniture in our in-house climate-controlled storage until they were ready. Once we got the go-ahead call, our expert installation team handled all facets of the installation – including peripherals like low-voltage wiring and any final furniture touch-ups.

In just a few weeks, we transformed Scrub Daddy’s bare office into a sustainably furnished headquarters designed for efficiency and fit for social media. We are proud to be in the background of their fun viral videos – so next time you see their smiling sponge, take a closer look and you’ll see some beautiful private offices, common areas, and meeting rooms!



Landfill Diversion Rate

Tons of CO2 Diverted

Lbs. of Furniture Diverted from Landfills


Cost Savings

What’s Next for the Bubbly Brand?

Thanks to the expert team at InterWork office Solutions, today Scrub Daddy’s staff continues to inspire creativity and cleaning all under one roof. Our world-class project management specialists provide sustainable solutions to every client – we are proud to have helped Scrub Daddy make a move for the future.

“One of my favorite things about being a National Account Manager at InterWork is knowing my clients receive the same personal care at every step of the process. Aaron was great to work with; he loved our saving eco-friendly approach and even gifted our team boxes filled with products.”

Darren McCarthy

National Account Manager, InterWork Office Solutions

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