When contemplating an office remodel, you may wonder what to do with your old furniture. It is an exciting time for your business to be preparing for a new look and feel for your office. However, you currently have a fully furnished office. What do you do with your old stuff? There are several options available to you when preparing for an office remodel.

Refurbish Your Old Furniture

There are options available to re-use the current furniture that you have. You may not want to keep all of it, but you might be able to use a few of the pieces in new ways or update the items. For example, chairs could be reupholstered to match your new office furniture. Or, you could take file cabinets and repurpose them into planter boxes or strip apart old cubicles to make bulletin boards. There are many reasons that you might want to refurbish your old furniture. You might be nostalgic and want to keep some of the pieces to remember the struggles you had when first starting out. Other reasons include being frugal or environmentally conscious.

Sell to New Tenants

If you are moving from your current location to a new location with your office remodel, you can sell your furnishings to the new tenants. When a new tenant is going to be leasing the same space you are vacating, it doesn’t hurt to check with them to see if they would like your furnishings. If they are a new business, they might appreciate not having to spend the extra time and money on purchasing and setting up an office space.


You can contact liquidators to purchase your furnishings. Liquidators will purchase your furniture and then sell it to another business that is looking for quality furniture at a discount price. The good thing about liquidation it that you can recoup some of the money you spent on the furnishing by selling them. However, the recouped money will only be a small percentage of your purchase price.


There are many charitable organizations that will come to your office and take your furnishings to be sold at their business. The money made from selling the furniture will go to their charity to help people in need. Donations can be used as a tax right off, so that can come in handy during tax time.

Give it Away

If you know of someone who needs furnishings, you can give the furniture away. When the most important thing for you is that you get rid of the furniture to make room for the new, giving it away might be a good option.

Recycle It

However, if the furniture is beyond repair and no one could get any use out of it, then it is time to get rid of it. Tossing it into a landfill is not beneficial for the environment. By taking the time to recycle it based on the components of the materials, the materials can be reused again instead of languishing in a landfill.

In Conclusion

An office remodel can be exciting. However, you must consider what to do you’re your current furniture when planning your new furniture. If you need expert advice to guide you through the process of an office remodel, contact us at the InterWork. We are an experienced office remodel expert. Contact us today.