As not fun as it is to think about, office fires happen – and they are extremely dangerous and often cause irreparable damage. Your first line of defense is to have an effective fire safety plan and to conduct regular fire drills. When you and your employees know and have practiced what to do in a worst-case scenario, you’ll all be better prepared to act if you ever do experience an office fire.

Biannual Fire Drills

Fires are emergencies, and if your office isn’t as prepared as it can be, you’ll be thrown into chaos if a fire strikes. Chaos simply makes an already terrifying situation worse. By holding a biannual fire drill, both you and your employees will remain practiced regarding the best course of action in case of fire.

Your local fire department will go over your fire safety plan with you and ensure that you have the most up to date safety information. Keep your fire safety plans fresh by regularly reviewing them with your employees. Make sure every employee knows the best safety routes out of the building and that they know where every fire alarm is located. In the event of a fire, the more quickly you alarm everyone in the building, the better.

The most important element of any fire safety plan is practice. Have a fire drill twice a year. These drills can save lives. Your fire department representative will teach you how to implement effective fire drills.

Clear the Way

Cluttered hallways and walkways are dangerous; they can prevent people from quickly and efficiently moving through the building in an emergency, such as a fire. Make sure that your walkways are at least three-feet wide, and keep them clear of all debris and obstacles. In case of emergency, you want your employees to have easy access to a safe exit.

Protect Your Investments

When it comes to the dangers of a fire, your employees are obviously your number one concern. There are steps, however, you can also take to protect your important files and documents. This includes investing in the right fireproof cabinets. An office furniture professional will help you find the right pieces for you. Quality fireproof cabinets and safes can not only protect your essential documents from fire but can also protect them from theft and from the water damage often caused by fire-safety sprinkler systems.

Stay Safe

Protect yourself and your employees by having an effective fire safety plan that you practice twice a year with fire drills. Protect your important documents with fireproof cabinets. There are a wide variety of options to choose from, and the office furniture professionals at InterWork will help you find what’s right for you.

Protect Your Important documents by Calling InterWork Today

Once you’ve implemented a fire safety plan to ensure the safety of your top priority – your employees – take the time to consider how you can also best protect your important work documents. At InterWork, we carry an extensive selection of new and grade-A preowned fireproof cabinets, and our office furniture professionals are here to help you explore the possibilities. Please contact or call us at 800-821-3522 today.